男Coser 苦練不知火舞學有所成,神模仿動作姿態!

早前為大家介紹過男版不知火舞Coser AmenoKitarou 努力學習不知火舞遊戲內招牌姿勢動作,經過一番苦練後,最近他公開了自己「學有所成」的影片。


🔥KOFより不知火舞の基本動作•必殺技 再現してみました!Mai Shiranui's in-game movements and special attacks! 🔥This is the results of character practice!!🌸Mai has been my main in all of the King of Fighters games since I was a kid playing the game on emulators. I was obsessed with knowing all her special moves and different ways to chain her combos in each version of the game. So when I finally cosplayed Mai, I knew I had to make a video of me physically doing her moves (as much as physically possible anyway… she has so many midair moves that are just… wtf).🥋The biggest challenge for me was to fight like Mai and not a dude who's been doing Karate for 17 years. Mai's fighting movements are really loose looking and dance like – the opposite of what I do in Karate. So I had to remind myself to alter my movements and posture from what's *normal* for me. 😵Also I kept tripping on her damn tail and ball. WHY does she have giant ball on a leash? All that fabric could've been a skirt instead but NO. (Fun fact, I actually used more fabric in that damn tail than in her entire garment)..🎙After recording the video, I dubbed over it with my voice. I tried to hit all the cadences in her voice lines as best I could within the capability of my voice. Then I tuned it a little bit using the magic of pitch changing tools on the computer. I think I managed to sound pretty good. 🔥I also wanted to achieve her attacks without any special video effects. So all her quick fans are actually hidden in my costume (lol BOOBS), and I made her some stage fire simply with organza fabric.☺ I REALLY like Mai. I did my best to bring everything I like about her to life. I hope you enjoy it.

Posted by AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru) on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

▼ 輕拳動作

▼ 重腳動作

▼ 花蝶扇動作

▼ 白鷺之舞動作

▼ 勝利動作




▼ AmenoKitarou 變裝不知火舞的影片

不知火流忍法、変身の術!Shinranui Ninja Art: Transformation Jutsu! Hola Heroes Comic Con Madrid. Flaming ninja mama is here. 🔥🔥Today's schedule is: competition judging (11:30am), Cosplay Con Crunch Survival Panel (2pm), and Booth time (4:30pm)..See you soon 😏😏😏#maishiranui #cosplay #crossplay #transform #GetYouAGuyWhoCanDoBoth #JustWirruThings

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