不知火舞貴為日本遊戲廠商《SNK》旗下的人氣角色之一,不少Coser 都會挑戰Cosplay這個人氣角色。想要完美還原不知火舞的確不是件容易的事,除了要有好身材,還必須要擺出各種高難度的招式姿態。但細心想想,近幾年不斷出現高質素的不知火舞,看多了總會覺得沒有新意….

最近出現一位名為AmenoKitarou 的Coser所扮演的不知火舞,可謂是不知火舞Cos界中的一股清流。


🥥 I make rack. 🍾 I get snack. 🍱 I MAKE SNACK RACK!!🌸Ever since Project Bahamut, I've been obsessed with building snack compartments into every costume I create. This time…it's in her rack. #SnackRack Thus solving the mystery of where Mai keeps all her folding fans.#JustWirruThings

Posted by AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru) on Sunday, September 16, 2018




🌸Character practice with Mai. 🌸Shiranui Mai mairimasu~~ kachosen~~yooo nippon ichi!! .💡Did you know that I spend almost as much time playing with my costume parts and props as I spend making them?🌏Cosplay has a whole heap of little branches and disciplines. So you'll see people who make really nice costumes vs. people who photoshoot vs. people who do skits vs. *insert specialty here*.I personally like to make all the different sides of cosplay work together to complete my vision. To me, my costumes are a tool for me to become the character. 🌸So when I make my costumes, I often consider: how can I make this thing behave and function in a way that would make me FEEL like the character? So I can get into character easier? That thought would lead to artistic decisions like material choices and technique choices.🌸For example for Mai, I decided to make my fans from scratch with bamboo, light weight satin and a glittery mesh overlay. Because I wanted them to:1. Be as fabulous she is so that just holding the fans can make me act a bit more fabulous 2. Make a sassy SNAP sound when they open so I can feel queen AF3. fly when they get thrown like in the game. I also made 3 of them so I could do that thing where she seems to be able to pull a new fan out of nowhere after throwing one out.🌸And then when the pieces are done, I consider: how can I move like the character while making my costume shine? What angles make the details look good? Does the character's poses translate well into reality and can my body achieve them? Or does it need some subtle changes? If so, how do I change them in a way that doesn't break the character's feel?💙The challenge of merging costume making with characterisation is actually my favorite part about being a cosplayer.📸 I don't post these practices often because they're a bit weird and embarrassing. But tonight I'm feeling great and thought this would be a nice look into the kind of work that I put into becoming the characters I like into reality.

Posted by AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru) on Wednesday, September 12, 2018